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How do I sell my art piece
Your art piece must be approved by AABART. com before it can be put up for auction. Please contact via whatsapp 0192205159(alwi) to initiate the process
Can we auction just any art pieces
No. Only art pieces produced by AABART artists that can be auctioned.
What steps should I take to sell my art piece
Take these steps.
1. Make sure the art piece is created by AABART.
2. Contact AABART at this number 0192205159 (alwi)
3. Bring your art piece to any AABART center for verification.
4. Pay 2 years right fee of RM50 to use AABART to sell your art piece if you have not done so.
5. Keep your art piece and surrender it to AABART once your art piece has been bought by the highest bidder.
6. Claim your noney from AABART when you are notified by AABART that the buyer has made full payment. AABART will reserve 2% out of the payment as commision for AABART selling your art piece